Classroom Practice Program

Michigan Language Assessment’s Classroom Practice Program for ESL students at local institutions offers free writing and speaking practice for students from beginning to advanced levels. As part of the program, we offer performance feedback (upon request) and tips on how to prepare for a test.

The program will give your students a chance to practice English with a certified speaking examiner in an authentic testing environment and can provide teachers with external validation of their students’ writing and speaking proficiency.

Your participation in this program will assist Michigan Language Assessment in our test development process. Not only will your students benefit from the practice, Michigan Language Assessment will also get the chance to make sure the test questions we create perform to our standards.


  • ESL/EFL teachers/students are eligible to participate
  • Students have 30 minutes to write an essay on a selected topic
  • Can be given to a whole class or a small group
  • Unofficial report provided with feedback on student performance

Skills targeted

  • Topic development
  • Organization of content
  • Connections between ideas
  • Grammatical knowledge & vocabulary use


  • ESL teachers/students in the Michigan area are eligible to participate
  • Tests last 10-30 minutes depending on the type of prompt
  • 1 to 1 format with an examiner or 2 to 2 format with two students and two examiners
  • Gift card incentive for teachers
  • Unofficial report provided with feedback on student performance

Skills targeted

  • Intelligibility and delivery
  • Language control and resources
  • Task completion
  • Interactive competence

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