Looking to improve your English speaking skills in preparation for the Michigan English Test (MET)? Here are three free resources that you can access at home to study for the exam. 

1. Learn from Fellow Test Takers:

Familiarize yourself with the MET Speaking Section by watching a sample administration. Although the digital exam is conducted through a computer screen, the exam question types and expectations of the test taker remain the same. This seven-minute video features a test taker responding to the instructions and questions posed by the examiner. Try replicating their approach to the exam. 

2. Time Your Practice Test:

During the exam, you will respond to speaking prompts that you can read or have spoken out loud to you. Practice with timed, sample questions to get comfortable with the pressure of speaking in the moment. You can practice on your own with a timer or ask a friend or classmate to play the examiner’s role and read the sample questions to you. 

3. Try Speaking Activities:

This five-minute video features four activities you can easily try at home to strengthen your speaking skills. We suggest doing one per week for a month. You’ll see your confidence grow with consistent practice. 

These are just a few tips to get you started. See how they work for you, and share with us on Facebook and Instagram which activities helped you improve your English speaking the most. Join the community of learners just like you and try the practice questions we post nearly every day. For more free resources, check out our Test Preparation Resource Library.