5 Benefits of Multilevel English Exams

Michigan Language Assessment offers level-based and multilevel English exams. There are differences between the two exam types, but they both result in secure and valid certifications of English proficiency. Students’ needs and goals determine the type of exams that English language schools administer. Level-based exams, such as the ECCE or ECPE, are the best choice for some classrooms. Other classrooms benefit from the administration of multilevel exams, such as MET Go! or the Michigan English Test (MET). Multilevel exams offer key benefits:

1. Consistent Measure of Progress

Multilevel English exams can be used as entrance and exit tests for a program. A teacher can use the same test to evaluate students’ progress from the beginning to the end of the course.

2. Measure of All Learners’ Achievements

English teachers know that the language ability of individual learners varies within a group. Multilevel tests make it possible to assess all learners with the same test, even when their language ability varies skill-to-skill or when they are grouped in mixed-ability classes.

3. Assessment of Individual Skills

Learners progress through skills at different rates. For example, some students progress more rapidly in enabling skills (vocabulary and grammar) than in productive skills (speaking and writing). Likewise, some students may be competent listeners, but their writing skills need strengthening. The results from a multilevel English exam demonstrate the levels a student has attained for each skill instead of a simple pass/fail result. 

4. Inclusive Experience

Multilevel exams are designed to assess a student’s knowledge of English rather than measure them against a standard they may not have reached yet. This makes the test-taking experience inclusive for a broader range of students.

5. Motivating Feedback

Feedback is specific, unique, and encouraging for test takers. It isn’t limited to pass/fail. Our reports focus on how the test taker has grown and motivates them to continue learning.

Learn about MET Go! and MET, Michigan Language Assessment’s multilevel, digital exams.