Happy New Year from Michigan Language Assessment!

I am sure that we are all starting the new year with hope for brighter days ahead. 2020 was a challenging year in many ways, with education in particular being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite all the difficulties, you could not fail to be impressed by the strength and resilience of the international education community, as teachers, students, and administrators worked together to support each other and make teaching and learning possible against the odds.

Michigan Language Assessment was also affected by the pandemic, and we needed to show flexibility and resolve throughout 2020 to continue to serve test takers, teachers, and the educational community in challenging circumstances. New testing safety protocols were introduced, training modules developed, maximum flexibility offered with regard to the scheduling and administration of exams, and a large number of free online learning resources were developed to support those teaching and learning remotely. In addition, the Michigan team was hard at work behind the scenes preparing for a digital future.

In 2021, Michigan Language Assessment will launch the first digital versions of the Michigan Tests. To respond to the changing needs of test takers and educational institutions, as well as the recent changes in educational delivery in the last year, Michigan Language Assessment will offer digital versions of both MET Go! and MET in 2021. These exams will be trusted, secure options for teenage and adult test takers, and learners will have a safe and flexible choice during these difficult times and beyond, whatever their reason for taking a Michigan Test. Further information about these exciting developments will be released in the coming weeks.

We head into this new year looking forward to the time when the global pandemic is under control, but we are here for our customers, come what may. We encourage you to subscribe to our monthly newsletter and to sign up to receive information about the digital exams in your inbox as it becomes available, so that we can keep you updated on developments.

We look forward to positive changes this year, and we are glad to have you with us on the journey! Wishing you a healthy, happy, successful 2021.