Made in Michigan. Trusted around the world.

Supported by two of the world’s leading universities, Michigan Language Assessment helps people achieve their education and career goals by providing trusted English language exams that draw on their expertise. Learn more about our history. 

Today, universities, education departments, boards of nursing, businesses, and government agencies around the world rely on MET to assess and verify the proficiency of English language learners. MET enables students, employees, and healthcare professionals worldwide to expand their personal opportunities, gain internationally recognized certification, and improve their educational or professional prospects.

The Michigan English Test (MET) is a secure, reliable online English proficiency exam to support high-stakes education decisions.

By recognizing MET as proof of proficiency, your organization can:

  • Have confidence in secure exam results.
  • Offer prospective students and employees an affordable way to demonstrate their proficiency.
  • Quickly and easily verify test results.
  • Rely on our assessment professionals to answer your questions.