Michigan Language Assessment conducts and supports research in order to inform product development and test revision, prepare evidence of test quality and validity for its products, to contribute to test recognition activities, and to actively participate in the language testing field.

We engage with this mission through a variety of activities:

  1. Test Reports (annual reports and technical reviews) provide evidence of the soundness of each test administration and contribute to the validity evidence for the exams. They are useful for exam recognition activities and can also inform the agenda for test revision and research.
  2. Technical Reports summarize key activities such as the development of new test products or studies to link our tests to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).
  3. Working Papers present the findings from research undertaken as part of the Spaan Research Grant program or original research projects conducted by staff.
  4. Research Grants provide financial support to cover the cost of data collection or analyses for those who wish to carry out original research projects related to one or more Michigan Language Assessment tests.
  5. Internships provide experiences that focus on assessment activities relating to test design and construction or contribute to test review and research activities.

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