“Helping students succeed in a global community” is the mission of the ALLEN Career Institute located in Kota, Rajasthan, India. Nearly two years ago, COVID-19 changed what “a global community” looks like. Schools and test centers closed. Quarantine was instated, sanctioning people to remain at home. Teachers and English language learners turned to the digital space for their education. Even now, with vaccines making it possible for the public to return to the classroom, albeit with new safety precautions, the demand for online resources in 2021 prevails.

In an effort to establish itself amid this “new normal,” the Allen Career Institute had to adapt its instructional and testing options to meet the new needs. The first step? Allen Career Institute became an Authorized Test Center with Michigan Language Assessment in April 2021, making it the first center in India to administer MET Go! Digital.

Kirtikumar Khambholia, the Center Exam Manager at Allen Career Institute, was impressed with how seamlessly his center transitioned to offering MET Go! Digital. “MET Go! Digital Exam was enthusiastically welcomed by the students who were patiently waiting for their English assessment. To get an option to take the test from the comfort of their homes was like a missing piece of the puzzle. For students, taking MET Go! Digital was a new and fun experience. For parents, the exam was hassle-free, risk-free, and reliable.”

“Administering MET Go! Digital was easier than expected. My team received constant guidance and support from Michigan Language Assessment’s Customer Service Team in Ann Arbor, Michigan,” he explained. “Moreover, the registration and check-in processes for the digital exam for students are very easy to follow. We’ve had great success with MET Go! Digital and highly recommend other institutions in India add it to their offerings.”

The same has been said by its test takers.

“MET Go! Digital was awesome. The format was easy and understandable,” said M Vaishnavi Sriya, a test taker. “The questions were pretty interesting and the best thing was we didn’t have to leave our house during the pandemic. I am proud that I wrote this test. I can safely say that MET Go! Digital was the best English proficiency test I have ever taken.”

MET Go! Digital features a personalized score report with recommendations on how to keep improving in all language skill areas: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. This highlights a student’s strengths and offers suggestions on improving in other areas. This can boost students’ confidence to take on the next level while also giving them a fun, new testing experience.

“The exam helped me improve in all four crucial aspects of English. MET Go! Digital also helped me gain confidence in English. I am glad to take this test safely at home and would recommend it to you too. Go and register now!” said Mridula Merkar, another test taker.

Teachers and parents are also thrilled with the center’s decision to offer MET Go! Digital.

“MET Go! Digital is an affordable, convenient, and secure testing solution. The premium feature of the personalized score report offers teachers invaluable insights into their students, so that they can educate and plan their curriculum accordingly,” said Khambholia.

The first administration of MET Go! Digital in India was met with overwhelmingly positive feedback. With its transition to remote testing, Michigan Language Assessment supports the evolving needs of test centers, schools, and young test takers. Learn more about MET Go! Digital and becoming an Authorized Test Center to administer MET Go! Digital today.