For nearly 80 years, the Asociación Rosarina de Intercambio Cultural Argentino Norte Americano (A.R.I.C.A.N.A.) has worked to strengthen the relationship between the United States and Argentina as a binational center. The center achieves this goal in part by offering American English exams from Michigan Language Assessment.

“We have had a successful partnership with Michigan for more than 40 years.”

In the 1970s, ARICANA administrators decided to begin administering the Examination for the Certificate of Proficiency in English (ECPE) and later, the Examination for the Certificate of Competency in English (ECCE). When Michigan Language Assessment launched new exams, including the Michigan English Test (MET), Michigan Young Learners English tests (MYLE), and MET Go!, ARICANA participated in pilot testing sessions. Their students responded positively to the exams, and the administrators added them to their offerings.

“As we found these exams to fit the needs and levels of English in our different courses, we decided to include them as part of our curricula.”

Many language learners at ARICANA begin their English studies in childhood and complete them at the end of high school. Students who begin the program by taking MYLE Gold can continue taking Michigan Tests and have the option to complete the program years later by taking the ECCE as the program exit test.

“Other tests like ECPE or MET Go! are optional, and students choose to take them because they have previously taken other Michigan Tests and trust these products.”

Young adults who are interested in earning their international certification also participate in ARICANA’s programs. The MET is the exit test for the adult English program. ARICANA specifically chose this exam because of its multilevel characteristic.

“Adults sometimes have slightly different levels within the same course, and [with the MET], adults do not feel the pressure to ‘pass’ an exam.”

ARICANA has found the Michigan Tests to be a key component of their mission to promote cultural exchange between the US and Argentina. The American accents in the audio recordings, the age-relevant topics, and the visual attractiveness of the exams are all valuable characteristics for ARICANA. By offering the full suite of the Michigan Tests, ARICANA offers its students the opportunity to certify their English at every age and every level.

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