An intern’s words: Victor D.O. Santos
June 13, 2013
Categories: Internships

CaMLA’s internship program provides professional training and research opportunities for English language teaching and assessment professionals and graduate students. This is the first of three pieces we’ll post about how our 2013 interns are getting along during their time at CaMLA. We asked them to provide us with a few words about their impressions after a month in the office.

Victor Santos (photo by Sinem Sonsaat)

Victor Santos (photo by Sinem Sonsaat)

Victor D.O. Santos hails from Brazil and is a PhD student in applied linguistics and technology at Iowa State University. Here’s what he had to say about his experience thus far.

Interning at CaMLA has so far been a great experience. The people at CaMLA have been working in language testing for decades and have a wide range of skills and experience in English language assessment.

My tasks as an assessment intern have so far primarily involved revising and writing items for a new test that CaMLA is producing, in addition to keeping track of all the changes and processes related to this new test. In addition, CaMLA has put together a series of workshops just for us interns, which have been very useful in giving us a broader perspective of language testing and all stages involved in it. Assessment Director Natalie Chen and Assessment Manager Mark Chapman have been quite supportive and have allowed us to participate in meetings and events related to other testing projects at CaMLA, so as to expose us as much as possible to the whole testing process.

Besides the fact that CaMLA has a very knowledgeable group of language testers, I really appreciate just how accessible everyone here is, from all levels in the company. If I happen to have a question about something, or simply feel like making some quick small talk to help with my creativity, all I have to do is stop by someone’s desk and they will welcome me with a smile.

In order to intern here at CaMLA, I had to give up interning with another quite well-known testing company. At this point, I can say that I have made the right decision for this summer and that I will come out a more experienced and knowledgeable language tester after my internship here. Thank you, CaMLA.