An intern’s words: Nicolas May
July 14, 2014
Categories: Internships

CaMLA’s internship program provides professional training and research opportunities for English language teaching and assessment professionals and graduate students. This is the first of three pieces we’ll post about how our 2014 interns are getting along during their time at CaMLA. We asked them some questions, and they’ve provided us with a few words about their impressions after a month or so in the office.

Nicolas May

Nic’s selfie from Detroit’s Slow Roll.

Nicolas May is an assessment coordinator and ESL instructor for Northern Arizona University’s Program in Intensive English in Flagstaff, Arizona.

I was most interested in the CaMLA internship because I’d have the opportunity to see all aspects of how large-scale, high-stakes tests are put together. I’ll walk away from my time at CaMLA with solid experience writing items for a wide array of item types that are informed by clear, well-structured specifications. And because of all the meetings and presentations that we interns get to participate in, it will be great having had an extensive look at how all divisions within a language testing company work together to create, market, and support the company’s products.

As for CaMLA, the folks here have to be some of the kindest, most welcoming people ever assembled in one office. Everyone in every division is unbelievably warm and easy to work with, and Mark Chapman, Rachele Stucker, and Natalie Nordby Chen have offered very accommodating and supportive supervision. And there’s always great coffee in the kitchen! Does it get any better?

Ann Arbor (and Michigan generally) is a really great place to be for the summer. There are lots of fun events and recreational activities around town, in nearby Detroit, and throughout the state. I’ve taken advantage of Ann Arbor’s superb eat- and drinkeries, and have spent hours running along the Gallup Park trail. I’ve also met a lot of great people around town who’ve helped me explore what the area has to offer. Detroit is definitely worth checking out. Every time I’m there, I get to glimpse some tucked-away gem.

I’ll be in Ann Arbor until early August, but I’ll be leaving in a hurry. I only have a couple of days to drive back to Flagstaff to start work for the Fall 2014 semester at NAU!