An intern’s words: Deepti Dhir
August 11, 2014
Categories: Internships


Deepti eating hot pot with CaMLA friends at Tianchu Restaurant in downtown Ann Arbor.

CaMLA’s internship program provides professional training and research opportunities for English language teaching and assessment professionals and graduate students. This is the last of three pieces we’ll post about how our 2014 interns are getting along during their time at CaMLA. We asked them some questions, and they’ve provided us with a few words about their experiences.

Deepti Dhir lives in New York and is an MA student at New York University (NYU). She’s completing an MA in foreign language education (French) and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

The past eleven weeks at CaMLA have been an unforgettable learning experience in the field of language testing. I feel incredibly fortunate to have spent the summer with a team of such talented experts with whom I was able to grow as a professional.

Because of my experience item writing before coming to CaMLA, I was immediately drawn to the assessment internship as a way to broaden my skill set while deepening my knowledge of the different aspects of the test development process. I fully accomplished this and more. I really appreciated how much time and energy CaMLA’s staff put into training us further in everything from interpreting item statistics to test center recruitment to how they create rater training material.

As an intern, I reviewed and created original test content for a whole range of item types in vocabulary, grammar, reading and listening. I want to sincerely thank Mark Chapman and Rachele Stucker for their continual guidance throughout this process. Their support and feedback have allowed me to develop and refine my skills as a content specialist and take the next step forward in my career.

My summer away from New York has been just the change I needed. Some of the memories I’ll take with me include the great people I met, the delicious food I sampled and the salsa dance classes that I took in Ann Arbor.

I can hardly believe I leave in just one week! I’ll be entering my final semester as a Masters student at NYU and feel well equipped to enter the professional world thereafter with the experience I have gained at CaMLA this summer.