How does the computer-based CaMLA EPT compare to the paper-based version?
December 23, 2014
Categories: Michigan English Placement Test, Research

If you’ve been using the CaMLA English Placement Test, one of the questions you’ll probably ask before ordering the computer-based version (which comes out in 2015) is, “Will the computer-based CaMLA EPT be equivalent to the paper-based CaMLA EPT?”

The answer: Yes.

cb-ept-logoThe CaMLA English Placement Test, traditionally a paper-based (pb) exam that institutions have been using for over four decades to place English language learners into the appropriate level, will also be offered as a computer-based test beginning in early 2015. The (cb) CaMLA EPT will contain exactly the same items as the (pb) CaMLA EPT, in exactly the same order.

CaMLA recently conducted a study to compare test takers’ results on the (pb) and (cb) CaMLA EPT. The purpose of the study was to demonstrate that the two different delivery methods provide test takers with statistically equivalent results.

The study provided sufficient evidence to conclude that the (cb) CaMLA EPT will provide test takers with equivalent results to that of the (pb) CaMLA EPT.

Read the study: Comparing the paper-based and computer-based CaMLA EPT