Watch a demo of the computer-based CaMLA English Placement Test
July 1, 2015
Categories: Michigan English Placement Test

A major step for CaMLA’s Placement and Progress tests was the release this year of the CaMLA EPT in computer-based form.

Many English language programs are turning to computer-based solutions as a way to make their testing processes simpler, faster, and more secure. The (cb) CaMLA EPT is based directly on forms D, E, and F of the paper-based CaMLA EPT, so test users will find the same reliability they’ve come to expect with the test.

Can I see the computer-based version before I buy?

Those of you who’ve expressed interest in the (cb) CaMLA EPT often ask how the computer version of the test operates—is it really as user-friendly as the paper booklet and bubble sheet?

We think it is, but now we can show you. See for yourself what the (cb) CaMLA EPT looks like with a brief video tour.*

* Only sample CaMLA EPT items were used in the creation of the demonstration video. None of these items appear on the actual test forms.

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