An intern’s words (encore!): Nicolas May
November 1, 2015
Categories: Internships

CaMLA’s internship program provides professional training and research opportunities for English language teaching and assessment professionals and graduate students. In 2015, CaMLA had two interns in the office. The following is from Nicolas May, the second of our two CaMLA interns in 2015.

Nicolas May

Recognize this selfie from Nic’s 2014 internship profile? After two consecutive years as an intern, he’s now an assessment specialist at CaMLA.

Nicolas May is an assessment specialist with CaMLA. Before joining CaMLA full-time, Nic interned a second time during the summer of 2015.

With a recent move to Ann Arbor, and knowing how great CaMLA is to work with, I did another internship to gain more experience in working with a large-scale language testing company.

Having spent most of last summer’s internship learning the nuts and bolts of item writing and review, and day-to-day operations of the Assessment Division, I was given the opportunity to focus on one project that dealt with the test specifications for some of CaMLA’s test programs. This time around, my supervisors laid out the vision and goal for the project and, knowing my previous experience with the company, allowed me to coordinate all the particulars.

Last year, I gushed a little about how wonderful the people at CaMLA are. It still holds. I’m filled with gratitude when I think about working here, and who I get to work with. CaMLA builds a positive work environment with a culture focused on supporting its employees, freelancers, and interns. And CaMLA also genuinely cares about positive interactions with clients and vendors, and good experiences for test users and test takers. Because the people make all the difference, CaMLA is the best place I’ve ever worked, hands down.

The office is situated in a great town. Not the typical college town, Ann Arbor doesn’t roll up the sidewalks for summer. It continues to bustle with festivals and events (this one is particularly great) that make for a great summer. Beyond Ann Arbor, Michigan offers lots of opportunities to explore, especially for nature lovers. It gave me the chance to participate in one of the most enjoyable races I’ve ever been in!

If you’re thinking about interning with CaMLA and you have any questions, hit me up!