Center Exam Managers Look Toward the Future
June 24, 2019
Categories: News, Test Centers

Michigan Language Assessment is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but our work is conducted throughout the world. We depend on authorized test centers to administer our exams to language learners who want to prove their English by earning international certifications. Michigan Language Assessment has authorized test centers in more than 35 countries, and each center is supervised by a designated center exam manager (CEM) who acts as the key contact for business operations and training.

Earlier this year, members of the Michigan Language Assessment team traveled to meet with CEMs in Latin America. In February, the team met with CEMs in Mexico, and in May, they met with CEMs from Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. Michigan Language Assessment representatives conducted the meetings, which focused on best practices for administering the exams and reaching new test taker populations.

The Michigan team trained attendees to administer the newest Michigan Language Assessment exam, MET Go!, and offered information about new procedures and developments. CEMs spent the day networking with each other and learning from Michigan team members. CEO Sharon Harvey concluded the meetings with a group activity called “Forecasting the Future,” during which the participants discussed strategies for reaching specific goals by 2022. 

There are more meetings planned for the fall. Through these meetings, people from all over the world have the opportunity to be in the same room as others working toward the same goal: helping language learners prove their English.