MET Developments: Faster Results, New Sample Tests, and More

October 9, 2019

The MET (Michigan English Test) is an increasingly popular choice for English language learners seeking an international English certification at the high-beginner to advanced proficiency levels. The MET was revised in January 2019 to include more content in the academic domain, to offer two-skill or four-skill test options, and to reduce test time of the two-skill MET to 100 minutes.

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5 Benefits of Multilevel English Exams

September 9, 2019

For English language schools, the choice of exams is driven by the needs of test takers. Level-based exams, such as the ECCE or ECPE, are the best choice for some classrooms. Other classrooms benefit from the administration of multilevel exams, such as the MET Go! or the MET. Multilevel exams can offer key benefits. They provide:

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Teacher Webinar Series

August 2, 2019

Michigan Language Assessment is launching a new webinar series for teachers. The series begins in August with the webinar 6 Strategies for Developing Listening Skills for the MET.

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MET Practice Test Books Now Available

July 16, 2019

Michigan Language Assessment is pleased to announce the release of two new practice test books for the MET (Michigan English Test). Each practice book includes four complete practice tests along with everything that is needed to use the tests. The books are available for purchase through the University of Michigan Press

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English Learners Achieve PRONI Goals with Michigan Tests

October 24, 2018

Teachers and students across Mexico are successfully taking Michigan Language Assessment exams to prove their English as part of the Programa Nacional de Inglés (PRONI). PRONI aims to strengthen English language education in state schools, supported by international certification for teachers and students.

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Updated MET Coming in 2019

October 2, 2018

The Michigan English Test (MET) is changing! In response to feedback from our stakeholders, we have made a few updates to the MET to make it even better.

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FISK Brazil Celebrates 60 Years

August 15, 2018

Michigan Language Assessment’s largest test center in Brazil, FISK Brazil, marked its 60th anniversary with a celebratory conference July 25–28. More than one thousand FISK representatives from across Brazil and Argentina attended Congresso FISK 60 Anos at the Hotel Royal Palm Plaza Resort in Campinas.

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MET 2016 Report now available

December 1, 2017

The MET 2016 Report is now available for download. The MET is a standardized, multilevel examination of general English language proficiency.

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The Characteristics of the Michigan English Test Reading Texts and Items and their Relationship to Item Difficulty

April 21, 2015

CaMLA Working Paper 2015-02, “The Characteristics of the Michigan English Test Reading Texts and Items and their Relationship to Item Difficulty,” is now available. CaMLA Working Papers present the findings from research undertaken as part of the Spaan Research Grant Program and by CaMLA staff.
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Linking the CEFR and the MET Writing Test

November 6, 2014

The MET Writing Test (coming in 2015) is now linked to the Common European Framework of Reference: Learning, teaching, assessment (CEFR, Council of Europe, 2001). Read More