Test Centers

Center Exam Managers Look Toward the Future

June 24, 2019

Michigan Language Assessment is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but our work is conducted throughout the world. We depend on authorized test centers to administer our exams to language learners who want to prove their English by earning international certifications. Michigan Language Assessment has authorized test centers in more than 35 countries, and each center is supervised by a designated center exam manager (CEM) who acts as the key contact for business operations and training.

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First Test Centers Administering MET Go!

November 8, 2018

Language learners ages 11 to 15 are now proving their English with MET Go!, the newest Michigan Language Assessment test.

MET Go! is an appealing 4-skills test that offers full-color illustrations and modern, age-appropriate content and activities. It’s an affordable way for people to demonstrate proficiency for the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages levels A1–B1.

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English Learners Achieve PRONI Goals with Michigan Tests

October 24, 2018

Teachers and students across Mexico are successfully taking Michigan Language Assessment exams to prove their English as part of the Programa Nacional de Inglés (PRONI). PRONI aims to strengthen English language education in state schools, supported by international certification for teachers and students.

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