Boston is a bustling and vibrant city full of rich history that serves as a hub for thriving businesses and organizations. Among them, Bunker Hill Community College’s Boston Welcome Back Center (WBC) helps internationally trained nurses living in Massachusetts gain the appropriate professional credentials and licenses to enter the state’s healthcare field.

WBC utilizes a key tool for their clients to successfully attain licensure: certifying their English through the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing-recognized Michigan English Test (MET).  

Educational case manager with WBC Sangam Shrestha stated that their organization chooses to promote MET during the process of their individualized case management for six important reasons: 

  1. Quality of the assessment
  2. Cost to the test taker 
  3. Length of the assessment
  4. Unlimited results sharing
  5. The strong reputation of Michigan Language Assessment
  6. MET is accepted by the MA Board of Nursing for licensure

“Transitioning to a new country and culture can be a daunting challenge,” Shrestha said, “especially for those still learning the language…. focusing on enhancing their proficiency in the English language is crucial. Furthermore, understanding the culture, customs, and social norms is essential to ensure effective communication and integration into the community.”

The educational case managers at WBC help nurses prepare for MET by building on skills in orientations and counseling sessions. Even beyond helping with credentialing and licensure, there are resources available for resume review, interview preparation, and job searching. 

Michigan Language Assessment understands the importance of this test for future Massachusetts nurses and is committed to providing a test that is affordable and accessible with plenty of free preparation resources available. Test takers can even rest assured that they can retake one section of the test if they aren’t satisfied with the results. 

Internationally trained nurses living in Massachusetts seeking an opportunity to practice in the state should explore if they meet the requirement to join WBC. For more information about the organization and their educational scholarships available for eligible participants, click here.