COVID-19 Updates

Michigan Language Assessment cares about supporting test takers, teachers, schools, and test centers during this uncertain time. We are making careful adjustments in response to the evolving COVID-19 situation with your concerns and health as our top priority. Check back for the latest updates on this page.

Digital Resources for At-Home Study

We are committed to providing at-home study resources to test takers and teachers. See the latest list below, check out our searchable library of test preparation resources, and subscribe to be notified of new resources.

Exploring MET for Test Takers: Registering for MET for test takers (video)
Exploring MET for Test Takers: Preparing for MET for test takers (video)
Exploring MET for Test Takers: Planning for MET for test takers (video)
MET Listening Part 1: Tips for Test Takers for test takers (video)

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Moving Forward During Challenging Times

Moving Forward During Challenging Times

As we approach the close of this challenging year, we reflect on the positive aspects from a season of uncertainty. We are thankful for our partners and educators who are dedicated to supporting students through any challenges—there’s nobody we would rather be working with during these uncertain times

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Contact customer serviceor call the team at 734-615-9269. We check our voicemail periodically. If you require an immediate response during business hours, call 734-763-2944.

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