Michigan Language Assessment is proud to welcome English Testing Canada (ETC) to our network of Authorized Test Centers. Georgia Wilder, PhD, ETC Director, had previously managed a large testing program in Canada for the administration of MELAB, a widely accepted exam of English proficiency that was discontinued in 2018. Now working with ETC, Wilder is excited to offer test takers in Canada the opportunity to take another Michigan Test now in its digital version, the Michigan English Test (MET).

Wilder used to coordinate the testing program at New College, University of Toronto, about 10 years before launching ETC as an independent enterprise. She was the liaison between the Testing Division of the English Language Institute of the University of Michigan, widely known for its leading work on language learning pedagogy and applied linguistics, and the University of Toronto and the surrounding community in Canada. Wilder is excited to renew her relationship with Michigan Language Assessment to offer an attractive option for international students and professionals in Canada.

Wilder chose MET Digital because it’s a valid, reliable, flexible, and affordable exam of English proficiency with real-world tasks. She said, “The MET will predominantly serve the needs of international students and new immigrants to Canada who need proof of English proficiency for entrance into post-secondary institutions in Canada or re-certification in their professions.”

The MET was launched in 2009 as a secure English proficiency exam for high-stakes decisions for educational and professional contexts. It was designed to meet the needs of test takers and recognizing organizations. The digital version of MET was released in October 2021. MET Digital is available any day of the year, and results can be accessed within five days to be securely and easily shared with recognizing organizations through an encrypted customer portal.

“What’s nice about the MET is its section rescore option, tasks relating to real-world scenarios, and a straightforward rubric aligned to the CEFR,” said Wilder. “ETC will provide teachers with free sample tests and workshops.”

With the addition of ETC to Michigan Language Assessment’s Authorized Test Center network, test takers will have several options to take the MET in Canada. ETC will offer the MET at its centers across Canada:

  • New Brunswick: Moncton
  • Nova Scotia: Dartmouth (Halifax)
  • Ontario: Scarborough, North York, Mississauga, St Catharines, London, and Windsor
  • Manitoba: Winnipeg
  • Alberta: Edmonton and Calgary

With the MET, ETC will support international test takers throughout Canada’s academic schedule, particularly from January to April during the peak of the admission season.

MET Digital is offered at Authorized Test Centers like ETC but also from home. Scheduling is on-demand and results are ready within five days of testing. The optional single-skill retake is available for the Reading, Writing, and Listening Sections after a test taker receives their preliminary results.

“I’ve worked with people who set high standards for academic integrity, test security, equity, and newcomer support,” said Wilder. “These are the foundational values ETC is built upon; that is why I’m elated to have renewed our relationship with Michigan Language Assessment.”

“We are excited and honored to work with Georgia and the ETC team. ETC will offer more opportunities for test takers in Canada to have access to secure and valid exams and reach their educational and professional goals,” said Fernando Fleurquin, MD, EdD, Director of Marketing, Communications, and Stakeholder Relations at Michigan Language Assessment.