During the last year, we’ve all had to adapt to learning and working remotely. Michigan Language Assessment set new priorities to develop assessments and services to respond to the evolving needs of test takers, teachers, school administrators, and recognizing organizations. Here are some of the changes we are implementing in 2021.

  • COVID-19 Safety Protocols

    • Michigan Language Assessment works closely with our Authorized Test Centers to safely schedule and administer exams. Following local guidance and offering remote support helps us ensure all test takers, teachers, and proctors remain safe. 
  • Going Digital

    • MET Go! Digital was successfully launched in April 2021. Upper primary and secondary school learners can now take the digital version of this multilevel exam at home or at Authorized Test Centers. 
    • The Michigan English Test (MET), accepted by higher education institutions and professional organizations as proof of English proficiency, will be available in its digital version later in the year. Stay tuned for more information about this announcement.
  • Expansion of Authorized Test Center Network

    • We are working closely with our colleagues at Cambridge Assessment English to provide opportunities for test takers in new regions of the world to access Michigan Tests. Our Authorized Test Center network is growing in the Americas, India, and Asia. 
  • Resources for Teachers

    • Michigan Language Assessment hosts live webinars, posts the recorded events on YouTube, and is expanding our repertoire of digital materials for teachers preparing learners for our exams. Check out our resource library

Michigan Language Assessment has changed along with the world in the face of COVID. The improvements we’ve made prioritize safety and security to better respond to the evolving needs of test takers. If you’re interested in learning more, subscribe to our newsletter.