Group Registration Center FAQ

A group registration center is an established institution that can enroll groups of test takers to take MET remotely from home or at a Prometric Test Center. The Group Registration Center pays the test registration fee on behalf of its test takers as part of a formal agreement with Michigan Language Assessment.

General Information

How can my institution become a Group Registration Center?

Complete the online application. If you need additional information about the program, submit a meeting request on our contact page for a local representative to follow up with you directly.

Is there a cost associated with becoming a Group Registration Center?

No. There is no cost.

What exams are available through group registration?

This program applies to digital administrations of 2- and 4-skill MET. More specifically it covers 2-skill MET available remotely from home or at Prometric Test Centers and 4-skill MET administered remotely.

When can I begin registering test takers?

You can start enrolling students to take MET after your Group Registration Center agreement is signed and you have completed onboarding for this program.

How do I enroll test takers using group registration?

After your institution is approved, you will be given an administrator account in our online customer portal and a link to the portal guide for Group Registration Centers. The guide will walk you through the process of creating orders. You will provide the initial information to create the accounts for your test takers on the customer portal and will pay for their test fees. Once we receive payment for an order, test takers on that order will receive an email with their login details and instructions to update their account and schedule their MET.

Can I enroll a group but only register one test taker at a time?

Yes. There can be as few as one test taker per order. You may create as many orders as you wish and view those orders at any time. You can also make multiple imports into an order, adding test takers at your convenience. You decide when your order is finalized by hitting submit and paying the order’s invoice.

Is there an enrollment minimum?

A minimum of one test taker is required to submit an order.

What are the advantages of becoming a Group Registration Center?

Becoming a Group Registration Center provides institutions with several exciting opportunities in addition to enabling the group registration feature.

  • Alleviate the registration expense for test takers.
  • Simplify the registration process and increase access to 2- and 4-skill MET.
  • Direct access to test-taker results and certificates.
  • Order and pay for any number of test takers at any time (24/7).
  • Minimal administrative requirements; participating is easy!
  • Join the global network of institutions and organizations affiliated with Michigan Language Assessment.