Preparation Center Application

Apply to Become a Michigan Exam Preparation Center 

Important Details About Applying


  • Michigan Exam Preparation Centers must select an Authorized Test Center to work with.
  • A preparation center may find an Authorized Test Center by searching Test Center Locations.
  • New preparation centers must also include the projected enrollment estimates. This includes the institution’s projected enrollment and the projected number of test takers for each test.

If you have questions about the Michigan Exam Preparation Center program or the application, send us a message using the contact form.

  • Test Center You Wish to Work With

    If you do not know which center you'd like to work with, you can leave this section blank.
  • Use the space below to explain if you have already worked with or would like to work with a specific Authorized Test Center in your region.
  • Enrollment

    Indicate the number of students enrolled (and expected to enroll) in your programs. "Year" in the columns below refers to calendar years.
  • Estimates by Test

    Indicate how many students you anticipate to enroll in each exam.
  • I permit Michigan Language Assessment to list my organization and its contact details on its website and in promotional materials as a Michigan Exam Preparation Center.