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The Michigan Tests are accepted as official proof of English language proficiency by schools, institutions, government agencies, and businesses around the world. We try to keep this list as up to date as possible, but circumstances may change without our knowledge. It is best to confirm the organization’s status regarding score acceptance prior to the scheduling of an exam or submission of test scores.

Note about MELAB. MELAB administration ended in June 2018. MELAB results will be verified by Michigan Language Assessment until June 2020. Some institutions may choose to continue recognizing MELAB results. Consult the individual institution to learn its policy regarding MELAB score acceptance.

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Organization Country State/Province Tests
5 Regimento de Carros de Combate Brazil Paraná ECCE, ECPE, MET
51º Batalhão de Infantaria de Selva Brazil Pará ECCE, ECPE, MET, MET Go!, MYLE
Aarhus University Denmark ECPE
Academia de Inglés Argentina Corrientes ECCE, ECPE, MET, MYLE
African Leadership University Rwanda ECCE, ECPE
Aga Khan Development Network Afghanistan ECCE, ECPE, MET, MET Go!, MYLE
Agricultural University of Tirana (AUT) Albania ECCE, ECPE
Ålesund Art College Norway ECCE, ECPE
Alma College United States Michigan ECCE, ECPE, MET
ALT Idiomas Brazil São Paulo ECCE, ECPE, MET, MET Go!, MYLE
AM English Centre Brazil São Paulo ECCE, ECPE, MET, MET Go!, MYLE
American Academy International Education Brazil São Paulo ECCE, ECPE, MET, MET Go!, MYLE
American Academy of Languages Ecuador ECCE, ECPE, MET, MET Go!, MYLE
American Business & Technology University United States Missouri ECPE, MET, MELAB
American College of Greece Greece ECPE
American College of Thessaloniki Greece ECCE, ECPE, MET
American University in Bulgaria Bulgaria ECPE
American University of Science & Technology Lebanon ECCE, ECPE, MET
Ankara Sosyal Bilimler Üniversitesi ECPE, MET
Ansgar University College Norway ECCE, ECPE
AOF Vocational School Norway ECCE, ECPE
Aricana Argentina Santa Fe ECCE, ECPE, MET
Asker School of Visual and Performing Arts Norway ECCE, ECPE
Asociacion de Centros de Lenguas in la Ensenanza Superior (ACLES) Spain ECCE, ECPE