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Institutional Affiliates

What is an Authorized Institutional Affiliate?

Authorized Institutional Affiliates (IA’s) are institutions or established consultants that refer individuals to take the Michigan English Test (MET) Digital exam as part of a formal agreement with Michigan Language Assessment.

Service to your Customers

Support your students and clients to reach their personal and professional goals by certifying their English proficiency with MET Digital.

Increased Visibility and Profile

Join the network of institutions that are affiliated with Michigan Language Assessment.

Financial Incentive

Receive an incentive for MET Digital exams referred. Incentives can be passed onto your customers as a discount on the exam fee.

Who can apply to become an Institutional Affiliate?

  • English language programs
  • Intensive English programs
  • Publishing companies
  • Colleges and universities
  • Test centers
  • Pathway programs
  • Corporations
  • Educational agencies
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Recruitment consultants

Why is MET Digital the Right Solution for Your Customers?


Highly reliable exam

Results that can be trusted for high-stakes decisions.

Global access

A test that can be available almost anywhere in the world, at an approved center or at home.

Fast, efficient service

They can register and take the test in as few as 2 days and get their results typically within 5 days. 

On their schedule

Test takers choose the day and time that best works for them. 


Security you can trust

Rely on strict check-in procedures, test-day photo, unique test form for each test taker, human and AI proctoring, secure digital score report, and encrypted score verification process.  

Second chance, less stress

Test takers can benefit from the opportunity to retake one section of the test, thus showing their best performance and reducing cost and stress.

How does the Authorized Institutional Affiliate program work?

 Have additional questions about the IA program?

You can contact your local business development manager to set up a consultation before starting the application process. They can walk you through the requirements. If there isn’t a business development manager for your region, please get in touch with customer services.