Become a Test Center

Benefits of Becoming a Test Center

  • Gives your institution increased visibility
  • Provides a revenue stream for your institution
  • Enables your institution to offer internationally recognized certifications of English language proficiency
  • Gives your institution access to comprehensive support to administer exams successfully

Support for Centers

We work closely with our centers to ensure they are able to deliver our exams in line with our high standards. We are committed to giving centers the help and support they need to offer the best possible service to test takers. To help centers meet these standards, we provide our authorized test centers with support in a number of ways, including:

  • Website resources – Once you become a test center, you will have access to an online portal specifically for test centers where you can find the answers to your administration questions, forms for test administrations, training materials, and advertising collateral.
  • Training support – Test centers receive comprehensive onboarding training on Michigan Language Assessment products and test administration procedures to get them ready to administer Michigan Language Assessment exams, as well as ongoing training on various topics to keep them abreast of best practices and procedures.
  • Exam Administration Instructions – We produce a Handbook for Centers as well as Exam Day Booklets for each test that give precise instructions of what to do on exam day.
  • Phone and Email support – We have an excellent team of employees to help you get the answers you need.

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