MTELP Series, Level 1

The MTELP Series will be discontinued at the start of 2019. MTELP Pages are for reference only.

Level 1 Sample Items

The MTELP Series is designed to measure both learner achievement and progress. It is suitable for adult or young adult language learners and can be used appropriately in a range of institutions. The MTELP Series is available at three levels of proficiency: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Test forms at each level have different item types and unique content.

Listening, Part 1

Listening Comprehension, Part 1

In each form of the Level 1 test, 25 items assess listening comprehension. There are two types of listening comprehension items.

In the first type, test takers hear a short conversation between two speakers. After the conversation, test takers must answer a question about the conversation, selecting the correct answer from the three options provided. Each option is presented as a picture.

The audio for Level 1, Part 1 sample questions 1–3 is provided below.

What the test taker hears:

Number 1.

M: Excuse me. Does this hotel have an exercise room?

W: I’m afraid not, sir.

M: Well, is there a park nearby where I can go for a run?

W: Oh, yes, the city’s biggest park, Grant Park, is very near the South Street Bridge—about half a mile from here. In fact, you can see the bridge from the window in your room.

What the test taker sees:

What the test taker hears:

Number 2.

W: Hey, do you still have my book I lent you?

M: I thought I put it on your bed this morning.

W: No. I didn’t see it. You must have left it somewhere else?

M: Really? This morning . . . I went into the kitchen, and then I had to use the bathroom to brush my teeth. Oh, I remember. I must have left it there.

What the test taker sees:

What the test taker hears:

Number 3.

M: Excuse me, can we pull these two tables together?

W: Oh, there’s a larger table in the back if you have a lot of people.

M: Well, there’s only three of us now, and I really don’t know if more people will come later.

W: Okay, these two should be fine then, but let me know if you need the bigger table in the back.

M: Thanks!

What the test taker sees:

Answers: 1 B, 2 A, 3 C

Listening, Part 2

Listening Comprehension, Part 2

In the second type of listening item, test takers hear a question or a statement requiring a response and then must select the most appropriate response from the three options provided.

The audio for Level 1, Part 2 sample questions 4–6 is provided below.

What the test taker hears:

Number 4. Do you know if Jack already has a partner for the group project?

What the test taker sees:


a. I don’t think he does.
b. It’s a maximum of four people.
c. We have to finish it by Tuesday.

What the test taker hears:

Number 5. Are you going to volunteer at the summer camp this weekend?

What the test taker sees:


a. No, we’re renting a car and going together.
b. Yes, but I only have time on Sunday.
c. Yes, until the summer starts.

What the test taker hears:

Number 6. Mary, I think I have all of your assignments here, but not the last one.

What the test taker sees:


a. I’ll give them to her tomorrow.
b. I’m going to finish that one today.
c. I can’t remember where I put them.

Answers: 4 A, 5 B, 6 B



Following the listening comprehension section are 15 grammar items. Each grammar item in Level 1 represents a printed statement or a short conversational exchange between two speakers. Part of the statement or exchange has been omitted and test takers must select, from the four answer choices, the word or phrase that correctly completes the statement or exchange.

7. The woman _______ the red bow in her hair is my friend’s sister.

a. on
b. in
c. with
d. of

8. _______ they don’t fix her car by Friday, Paula won’t be able to drive to the beach this weekend.

a. If
b. While
c. Whether
d. Unless

9. Ashley has _______ books at home because she loves to read.

a. very
b. much
c. many
d. most

Answers:  7 C, 8 A, 9 C



Next are 11 vocabulary items. In each Level 1 vocabulary item, test takers must select the word, from four answer options, that correctly completes a sentence that has had one word removed. All words selected for inclusion in the vocabulary section have been carefully sourced from a range of corpora that provide detailed information on word frequencies. The word frequencies selected for the MTELP Series vocabulary section are representative of the proficiency levels at which the three levels are targeted.

10. In the movie there was a clear _______ between the good characters and the bad ones.

a. consequence
b. location
c. appearance
d. contrast

11. It’s a common _______ that older people cannot learn new things.

a. myth
b. tale
c. legend
d. fantasy

 12. Kate is a small, pretty girl with very _______ facial features.

a. faint
b. mild
c. delicate
d. tender

Answers: 10 D, 11 A, 12 C


Reading Comprehension

Finally, there are 9 reading comprehension items on the Level 1 test. Test takers are presented with four short reading passages. Each passage is followed by two or three items that tap a range of reading skills. Test takers must select the correct answer from four options.

13. What is the purpose of this ad?

a. to invite readers to a honey festival
b. to promote a bee farm
c. to introduce a new type of honey
d. to announce the opening of a new bee farm

14. What happened in 1992?

a. The farm introduced a new type of honey.
b. The farm grew clover plants for the first time.
c. The farm stopped growing some plants.
d. The farm got some new bees.

15. What will happen on the tours?

a. Visitors will be shown around by staff.
b. Visitors will receive free samples of honey.
c. Visitors will help plant clover seeds.
d. Visitors will learn about delicious honey recipes.

Answers: 13 B, 14 C, 15 A