At Michigan Language Assessment, we create exams that can be administered either through an official Michigan Language Assessment test center (Proficiency & Certification tests) or through an institution (Placement & Progress tests).

Proficiency & Certification

Proficiency and certification tests are taken at test centers, sent in and scored by Michigan Language Assessment.


The Examination for the Certificate of Competency in English (ECCE) is a standardized high-intermediate level English as a foreign language examination.


The Examination for the Certificate of Proficiency in English (ECPE) is a standardized, advanced-level English as a foreign language examination.


The Michigan English Language Assessment Battery (MELAB) is an advanced-level battery of English language proficiency tests for adult nonnative speakers of English who need to use English for academic purposes at the college and university level.


The Michigan English Test (MET) is an international examination that assesses general English language proficiency in everyday social, educational, and workplace contexts.


The Michigan Young Learners English (MYLE) are a fun and motivating way to test the English of young learners in the primary and middle grades.

Placement & Progress

Placement and progress tests are designed so they can be administered at the convenience of the purchasing institution and scored by their own staff. This allows the institution to determine the placement scores internally so they can customize the scores to be the most relevant for the needs of their students and employees.

Michigan EPT

The Michigan English Placement Test (EPT) is designed to quickly and reliably place ESL students into appropriate ability levels. Available as a computer-based test.

MTELP Series

The Michigan Test of English Language Proficiency Series (MTELP Series) s) are tests that measure both learner achievement and progress in learning the English language. Available as a computer-based test.

CaMLA Speaking Test

The CaMLA Speaking Test is a 10-minute test that evaluates a person’s ability to produce comprehensible speech in response to a range of tasks and topics.

CaMLA Writing Test

The CaMLA Writing Test is an easy way to assess general writing ability at the high beginner through low advanced (CEFR A2-C1) levels.