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If you represent an institution and would like Michigan Language Assessment to verify test results that have been presented to you, please fill out and submit the form below.

  • This form is only for the use of institutions.
  • Test takers with questions about their results can┬ácontact info@michiganassessment.org.

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Only authorized representatives of an institution may verify results using this form. If you are not an official representative, email info@michiganassessment.org to inquire about test results.

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MELAB Score Verification

  • Michigan Language Assessment sends official MELAB score reports directly to institutions at the request of test takers.
  • Institutions should not accept score reports directly from test takers.

If you do not have an official MELAB score report, do not continue with this form. Instead, tell the test taker to request an official score report, which they will need to order. Official score reports will be provided on watermarked paper and feature a hologram strip down the right margin.

Do not continue with this form. Request an official score report from the test taker.
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  • To verify a score, enter the information in the fields below

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