English language learners in Ecuador are proving their B2-level proficiency with the Examination for the Certificate of Competency in English (ECCE).

Centro Ecuatoriano Norteamericano de Guayaquil (CEN) is a binational center that was founded in 1951. Their mission is to foster a relationship between Ecuador and the U.S. through cultural events and English language learning.

In the early 2000s, Michigan Tests were becoming popular in the region, and the administrators at CEN noticed. They approached the English Language Institute (Michigan Language Assessment’s predecessor) in 2006 and became an authorized test center.

“We really wanted to raise the bar in our language program by offering these international examinations.”

CEN administers the ECCE twice a year, both times that the exam is offered. The majority of CEN test takers are students who have participated in the center’s nearly 600-hour language program. Typically, students are in their early twenties and are pursuing certificates in order to advance their careers, to test out of mandatory English classes at their universities, or to study abroad.

“Being bilingual is key when it comes to obtaining a promotion or getting better job opportunities.”

Upon completion of CEN’s language program, students choose which exam they will take. The ECCE is a popular choice because it is recognized by the Ministry of Education and offers a certificate. When students pass the ECCE, teachers and administrators are glad to see the proof of their language program’s success.

“We like the fact that it is a valuable tool to assess students in our language program. Besides that, knowing that they have reached a B2 level makes
us feel good.”

Since first reaching out to Michigan Language Assessment, CEN has found success by offering their students the opportunity to prove their English with the ECCE.

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