An MET Go! Digital interactive demo is now available. Beginning in April, upper primary to secondary school learners will have the option to take the digital version of this multilevel English exam either at home or in center. The computer-based option will feature the same tasks, colorful images and personalized feedback as the paper-based version.

Teachers, administrators and test takers who are preparing for early administrations of the digital exam can familiarize themselves with the exam interface with the MET Go! Digital interactive demo. The demo offers a short introduction to the look and feel of the digital exam. There are sample questions from all four skill sections that represent the range of item types a test taker might encounter on the exam.

Additionally, parents, teachers, and test takers can now learn the answers to common questions about the digital exam by reading through the new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). The FAQ includes information about exam length, registration, preparation, results, and more. Experience the MET Go! Digital interactive demo and read through the FAQs in preparation for the first administrations of the exam in April. 

Learn more about MET Go! Digital.