Watch the new MET Go! Digital test demonstration video. MET Go!, the trusted, multilevel exam from Michigan Language Assessment, will be available in a digital format beginning in April. Test takers will have the option to take the exam either at home or in center. 

The digital format of MET Go! will feature the same colorful images and personalized feedback as the paper-based version, but it will be easily administered either in a computer lab or virtually by a test center proctor. Those familiar with the paper-based exam will feel comfortable with the digital exam as the same item types have been optimized for online use. 

As the launch date of the new exam approaches, it is important for administrators and teachers to become familiar with the new format. This 13-minute MET Go! Digital test demonstration video includes a short overview of the exam’s features, information about technology requirements, and examples of different item types for all four sections.

After watching the MET Go! Digital test demonstration video, educators and administrators will have a basic understanding of the exam’s format and the expected test taker experience. Before the exam is published in April, teachers will have access to a complete sample test that they can use to familiarize their students with the exam interface. The publication of that sample test will be announced on our website as we approach the exam launch date. Subscribe to receive that upcoming announcement and other news about MET Go! Digital in your inbox.