Registration Requirements

You will need the following to schedule your MET:

  • Government-issued identification
  • Method of payment
  • An email address
  • Your availability to schedule the test; (approximately 2 hours for the 2-skill test and 3 hours for the 4-skill test)
  • Sufficient English proficiency to successfully communicate with readiness agents, proctors, and technical support services.
Young man researching which MET test to take.

Preparing the room and your computer to take MET at home

Before you register:

  • You will need a computer with a Windows-based operating system. Mac iOS 10.13 or higher is also supported. Phones and tablets are not compatible. Headphones need to be wired.
  • Install Google Chrome
  • Reserve a quiet, private room that is free of interruptions for the duration of your exam.

Before taking the test:

  • Make sure your computer is up-to-date. Install any suggested updates prior to taking the test.
  • Test your equipment. Make sure your microphone, speakers, and camera are on. Adjust your volume and charge all wireless devices, including your keyboard, mouse, headset, and laptop.
  • Install ProProctor, the software to implement the secure administration of the test. You will need to create an account to log in.
  • If you’re using wireless instead of a hardwired connection, others in your home should be dissuaded from streaming content or engaging in other high-bandwidth activities while you’re taking the exam.
  • Cell phones and other electronic devices are not allowed for testing and must be removed from your workspace.
  • Your test taking area must be clear of unnecessary materials (i.e. anything that promotes cheating or that you wouldn’t want to appear on screen).
  • Your video camera needs to be on during the test session. Make sure it is free of obstructions, well-lit, and displays a clear view of you and your workspace.

MET Digital Sample Test

Take the MET sample test to see the format and content of typical MET test questions. The sample test features writing, listening, reading, and speaking sections.
met digital test preparation materials

Resource Library

Search our library of exam preparation materials. The MET materials can be used to prepare for both the paper-based and digital MET.


Want to learn more about the MET? Check out our FAQ for test takers, parents, teachers, and recognizing organizations.

MET Main Page

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