We are proud to announce that the University System of Georgia has added the Michigan English Test (MET) as proof of English proficiency for international students and scholars. The University System of Georgia (USG) includes 26 public higher education institutions, including four research universities, four comprehensive universities, nine state universities, and nine state colleges. Georgia is one of only three states with two or more institutions in the Top 20 Public National Universities reported by the U.S. News in 2021. Georgia Tech is ranked No. 10 on the list and the University of Georgia is No. 16 (USG Facts).

Offering over 2,400 associate, baccalaureate, and graduate degree programs to choose from, the USG welcomes over 13,000 international students and 1,000 international faculty and researchers. International students can also complete their English studies at the intensive English programs offered by USG institutions. 

International applicants who want to join any of these institutions can now certify their English proficiency with the MET. The minimum MET score suggested by USG for undergraduate admissions is 55, and the recommended score is 59. However, each institution or department can define higher standards. 

Backed by the University of Michigan and Cambridge Assessment English, the MET is a popular international English language certification offered by Michigan Language Assessment to facilitate access to international education opportunities. MET Digital is securely administered at Authorized Test Centers as well as from home; it’s available in over 180 countries, almost any day of the year. In order to reduce stress and expenses, the MET allows test takers to retake one of the test sections within a short window of time after receipt of their initial results. International applicants can immediately share their scores with the institutions of their choice at no cost through the encrypted, online customer portal.

Michigan Language Assessment is honored to add the University System of Georgia and its 26 member institutions to the growing list of MET recognizing organizations.