Michigan Language Assessment, a division of the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, now offers its premiere English language proficiency test, MET, in locations across the Philippines, increasing opportunities for English language learners to demonstrate their proficiency to nursing boards, government agencies, and universities. 

“MET will have a significant impact on Filipino nurses and healthcare professionals who dream of working in the U.S.,” said Sharon Harvey, CEO of Michigan Language Assessment. “We have developed the test to reflect real-world language and situations, giving test takers the confidence to succeed. And our partnership with the professionals at 9.0 Niner and IPass means people have the support and security they need to feel sure of their results.”

This expansion follows a recent partnership with 9.0 Niner and IPASS Processing in the Philippines. 9.0 Niner has offered English language test preparation for 17 years, and is a testing venue with locations across the Philippines. IPASS Processing assists healthcare professionals in the Philippines with the U.S. licensure application and process.

Data from the The American Hospital Association demonstrates the U.S. will continue to face a shortage of licensed professional healthcare workers, a particular concern as the aging U.S. population is expected to rely more heavily on these services over the next decade. Health care workers who wish to obtain licensure in the U.S. must provide proof of English language proficiency, making MET an invaluable aid in closing this healthcare gap for the nearly 20 percent of Filipinos choosing to work abroad.

More than 25 U.S. boards of nursing now accept MET as proof of English language proficiency. In addition, MET is accepted by CGFNS, an international NGO, and Josef Silny & Associates, a credential evaluation service provider. Both organizations validate academic and professional credentials of healthcare workers to apply for occupational visas to work in the US for the following healthcare professions:

  • Registered Nurse
  • Practical/Vocational Nurse
  • Speech Language Pathologist
  • Audiologist
  • Medical Technologist 
  • Physician’s Assistant

“MET has proven to be an outstanding tool for evaluating English language proficiency, serving both educational and professional needs, and 9.0 Niner places complete confidence in its efficacy, said Ervin Nil Temporal, founder and CEO of 9.0 Niner. “Through our collaboration with Michigan Language Assessment, 9.0 Niner and IPASS are committed to deliver an unparalleled experience for MET examinees. “

The first MET exams in the Philippines will be offered on February 18, with registration opening on February 2. Information about these sessions can be found at 9.0 Niner English.

Information about MET preparation, registration, and scoring for healthcare professionals can be found on the Michigan Language Assessment website at Michigan Language Assessment.

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