Michigan Language Assessment was honored with the Surpass Innovation Award on October 7, 2022. The award was given in recognition of MET Go! Digital’s sophistication and onscreen design excellence.

Nominations are an opportunity for members of the Surpass Community to present their unique ways of overcoming assessment challenges and setting the bar for future approaches to online testing. Surpass, formerly known as BTL, is a global provider of assessment services and technology. They are known for their platform that supports the secure delivery of 35 million tests in test centers and online proctoring worldwide. The Surpass item bank and test driver is one of the most trusted and advanced technologies available in the market. The digital transformation of MET Go! enabled Michigan Language Assessment to work with Surpass to implement several innovations to improve the test taker experience.

“The inclusion of features such as open vs. forward only navigation, restricted plays on audio prompts and automatic capture of audio responses, section timers, rich media, and in-built video tutorials make MET Go! Digital one of the most impressive examples of onscreen assessment we have seen,” said Shannon Starrs, Account Director at Surpass Assessment. “The fact that this test is being delivered globally on a variety of devices makes it even more of an achievement.”

MET Go! Digital is an English proficiency exam designed for upper primary to secondary school learners. The test features relevant content, full-color illustrations, customized feedback to support further learning, and certificates for every test taker. It is a precedent-setting exam for Michigan Language Assessment and the assessment industry.

“Our organization upholds innovation as one of its core values, and therefore we are delighted and proud to be recognized externally for it through this award,” said Sharon Harvey, CEO. “MET Go! Digital was created and launched within a short timeframe during the COVID-19 pandemic to support the learning and assessment needs of students studying remotely. It is now used in many countries around the world by customers who value not only its innovative features but also its flexibility, affordability, and the helpful feedback it provides to teachers and learners of English.”

Michigan Language Assessment will continue serving its stakeholders by offering secure, cutting-edge testing solutions. Click to learn more about MET Go! and how it can motivate your teenage learners to keep developing their English skills.