Michigan Language Assessment will launch a digital version of MET Go! in April of 2021. MET Go! is a multilevel English exam designed specifically for upper primary to secondary school learners. MET Go! Digital, a computer-based exam equivalent to the paper-based MET Go!, provides students the option to take the test on a computer in a test center or at home.

Since its launch in 2018, MET Go! has become a valuable assessment for many institutions. The multilevel exam is a great solution for schools, especially those with heterogeneous classes, because it measures students’ abilities through a range of proficiency levels (A1-B1 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). All test takers receive a certificate featuring the level that they have achieved and a score report with detailed, personalized feedback that supports further learning. Every student succeeds with MET Go!. 

The digital version of MET Go! will offer even more flexibility and convenience to schools and test takers. Because the exam can be securely and remotely administered either at home or at a center, schools can depend on MET Go! Digital to certify students’ progress and accomplishments in English. 

MET Go! Digital

  • is suitable for upper primary to secondary school students;
  • can be administered in a test center or at home; 
  • can be flexibly scheduled on dates chosen by Authorized Test Centers;
  • will be available as a 3- or 4-skill test;
  • provides detailed, personalized reports to all test takers.

More information about the digital version of MET Go!, including a sample test, tips for teachers and test takers, and additional preparation activities, will be published in the coming weeks. Several free exam preparation resources for teachers and for students can be found in our Test Preparation Resource Library. Webinars for teachers and school administrators will be offered in March, and digital administrations of MET Go! begin in April. 

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