Prepare for your upcoming exam administrations with the new, full-length MET Go! Digital Sample Test. The test is a great tool for teachers and students to use to become familiar with the platform before an exam administration. Beginning next month, test centers will administer MET Go! Digital to their upper primary to secondary school learners. The computer-based English proficiency exam was successfully piloted by several test centers, and it will be launched publicly on April 5. 

Like the paper-based version of the exam, the computer-based version features the same colorful images and tasks, so educators familiar with the exam already understand how to prepare their students. Because students in this age range are digital natives, they are comfortable with computers and can easily adapt to the digital format of the exam.

The MET Go! Digital Sample Test features all 4 skills (listening, reading, writing, and speaking) and offers learners a chance to experience the full test in its digital version. Educators can use the MET Go! Digital Sample Test together with the paper-based sample test prior to exam day to create a mock exam scenario. After working through the free preparation resources with their classrooms, educators can assign students to take any of the sample tests. The digital sample test is available for anyone to take on a desktop or laptop computer using either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. The digital sample test is not scored. By administering the paper-based sample test, teachers can score the listening and reading sections of the test and can use the scoring guide to give students feedback on the speaking and writing sections. Educators can use the unscored digital sample test to familiarize students with the computer-based administration.

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