Academia de Idiomas Multilingua is an Authorized Test Center of Michigan Language Assessment based in Colombia. It was one of the first centers to administer the digital version of the Michigan English Test (MET). The long-awaited test day was scheduled for October 22, 2021, but preparation began long before test takers sat for the English proficiency exam. 

The entire staff underwent a series of training sessions to administer remote exams like MET Digital. Michigan Language Assessment experts designed this training to be comprehensive. It included remote activities and practice opportunities for staff to apply their learnings before their official administration. Staff felt well-prepared on test day. Their investment in the process is why their first and every administration of MET Digital since has run smoothly and successfully. 

MET Digital is available any day of the year and gives test takers an opportunity to retake a single section within several days of receiving their initial results. “It’s 365 opportunities per year to serve our test takers,” said Alejandro Castiblanco, the Center Exam Manager. “Computer-based testing is paving the way for more efficient and practical administrations,” he said. These features are why Academia de Idiomas Multilingua, and thousands of test takers around the globe, choose and recommend MET Digital. 

The efficiency of remote tests like MET Digital allows test centers to better serve the needs of their students. Test takers now have more options to register for the MET, making it easier to gain an English language certification that can jumpstart their future.