Whether you want to succeed at university or are seeking a new professional opportunity, certifying your English proficiency online is a convenient option for you. Our Michigan English Test (MET) will be available as a digital exam starting in October, which makes it a widely accessible English proficiency exam. Still not sold? Here are 5 more reasons you should be testing with MET Digital:

1. Schedule on Your Terms

The only schedule that matters is your own when choosing a test date for MET Digital. Our online format was designed to accommodate your needs, letting you choose to take the exam at home or at a test center any day of the year.

2. Feel Confident in Your Choice

MET Digital is backed by Cambridge Assessment English and the University of Michigan. It’s respected by universities and employers all over the globe and relies on robust security procedures to ensure its validity.

3. Get Your Results Quickly

MET Digital scores are typically available within five days of submission. You won’t have to wait long to learn how you performed. 

4. Improve Your Score

After you review your results, you may feel that you could have performed better on a particular section of the test. You have the opportunity to retake one exam section and improve your score without the additional stress and cost of another full exam.

5. Easily Share Your Score with Institutions

Our new verification processes will allow you to share your exam results directly with accepting institutions, including universities, professional organizations, and governmental agencies. This will happen automatically in our new system. 

Our free online resources help secondary school learners and young professionals prepare for online English proficiency exams like MET Digital. Visit the Test Preparation Resource Library for study materials and follow us on Instagram for tips and practice questions.