The Institute of Argentinian North American Cultural Exchange (IICANA) was founded in 1931. IICANA is an older test center in Córdoba, Argentina that has had a relationship with the University of Michigan for decades. Center representatives were eager for IICANA to become one of the first MET Go! adopters..

To evaluate language students’ progress as they advance through their program, IICANA uses the full suite of Michigan Tests. They added MET Go! to their offerings as soon as it was available in order to measure students’ English levels at the end of their four-year young teens program. Students in the program attended a ninety-minute English class twice a week, and program administrators expected that they would achieve the B1 level after completing the program.

When the personalized score reports were sent to the center, the administrators were impressed with the prompt delivery.

“We were very pleased with the results turnaround time. The certificates were here in time to be given to our students at the end-of-the-year ceremony.”

Not only did the students understand their own strengths and weaknesses from the score reports, IICANA evaluated itself as well. Administrators expected their students to score at the B1 level, and they noted skills areas in which students did not reach their target. They planned to adjust their instruction accordingly.

“MET Go! score reports give teachers and program administrators an overall picture of the strengths and weaknesses in the center’s program of studies. The thorough descriptive statements for every skill help evaluate whether students are achieving expected learning outcomes.”

For IICANA, MET Go! is a great fit. They have depended on the accuracy of Michigan Tests for many years, and adding MET Go! to their portfolio allows them to better gauge the efficacy of their teaching as well as the progress of students in their fourth year of study.

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