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Explore test preparation materials designed specifically to help teachers and students get ready for a Michigan Test.

Preparation Books by Michigan Language Assessment

Explore preparation materials developed by the same assessment experts who produce the Michigan Tests. The Official Practice Test Books are published by the University of Michigan Press ELT.

MET Practice Test Book for Self-Guided Study

Get 4 complete practice tests with answers. 

MET Practice Test Book for Classrooms

Prepare a class with 4 complete practice tests.

MET Go! Practice Test Book

Get 4 complete MET Go! practice tests. Answers are not included. 

MET Go! Practice Test Answer Pack

Don’t forget the answer pack for the MET Go! Practice Test Book. 

Publisher List

External publishers also provide preparation resources that are designed to help teachers and students prepare, including coursebooks and other materials aligned to Michigan Tests.

NOTE: Michigan Language Assessment does not endorse materials from external publishers.
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If you would like to receive information that we prepare specifically for publishers about any of our tests, please contact us.