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Michigan Language Assessment offers a library of free resources to support teachers and test takers preparing for the Michigan Tests. Search the library using the dropdown menus to see a list of matching resources.

New! Michigan Exam Prep Materials Guides for Educators 

See the Preparing Students guides for each exam: MYLE, MET Go!, MET, ECCE, and ECPE.


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ECCE Sample Test Speaking

Speaking section of the ECCE with prompts and commentary

ECCE Writing Resource Pack

This resource pack is provided for both students preparing independently to take the ECCE and for teachers designing lessons to help their students improve their writing skills for ECCE.

ECCE Sample Test 1005, January 2021

Includes all 4 sections of the ECCE, including instructions and scoring guide, test booklet, answer sheet, answer key, audio files, and audio script.

ECCE Preparation Guide for Teachers

The guide has been designed for teachers new to teaching ECCE and teachers with experience in preparing students for the exam.