ECCE Rescore Request

If you wish to have your ECCE rescored, fill out the information below.

  • There is a rescore fee of $50 for each section you wish to have rescored.
  • You have 30 days after your test results have been issued to request a rescore.
  • You will receive your rescore within four to six weeks after we have processed the request.
  • Individualized feedback is not provided with rescores; only scores are provided.
  • If a rescore causes a score to change, the rescore fee is refunded. The rescore fee is not refunded for scores that do not change.
  • Each section of the test may only be rescored once. Rescore decisions are final.

If you took your test in Greece or Cyprus, contact your test center about rescore requests. Do not fill out this rescore request.

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A rescore fee applies for each section of the ECCE you want rescored.

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