English language learners ages 11 to 15 take MET Go! to earn an international language certificate that can be used for educational purposes, study abroad opportunities, and more. Learners who take the 4-skill exam study for the listening, reading, writing, and speaking sections. Here are some activities that can help you prepare for the MET Go! Speaking Section.

Actively learn new vocabulary.

1. Write down new words and phrases that you learn. Ask a friend or family member to test your vocabulary knowledge.

2. Choose 10 random new vocabulary words, and include them in a short story.

3. Draw pictures to represent vocabulary words; then play a matching game.

Practice describing and narrating.

1. Pick a photo from your cell phone. Then, describe the photo to a classmate, family member, or friend. Help students with words and phrases, such as the example below:

2. Set a timer for 60 seconds and speak for the entire length of time. If possible, record yourself so you can listen to what you said and how you said it. Were your ideas clearly explained?

3. Take a picture of something that you see everyday. Describe the picture, and ask a classmate or family member to draw the picture based on your description. This could be done online or in person. When you’ve finished, compare the drawing to the photo. What are the similarities and differences?

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