English language learners take the Michigan English Test (MET) to show their level of English proficiency in order to achieve educational and professional goals. Learners who take the 4-skill exam study for the listening, reading, writing, and speaking sections. Here are 5 tips that can help you prepare for the MET Speaking Section.

  1. Before you begin studying, familiarize yourself with the speaking section format and skills tested. Watch a sample video of a test taker participating in the MET Speaking Section
  2. Use free MET practice materials to prepare for the exam. Download and use sample speaking section materials
  3. Record yourself answering questions from the exam. Use a cell phone or computer to record yourself answering a sample question. When you are done, watch the video. Reflect on the type of vocabulary and sentence structure that you are using. Ask yourself what you did well, and look for areas you can improve upon.
  4. Practice with a friend or family member. Practice with a family member in your home, or use available technology to set up a video call with a friend. One person can play the examiner role while the other person acts as the test taker. If a third person is available, ask that person to be an observer. He or she can write down observations, including 1-2 positive observations and 1-2 things that could be improved.
  5. Watch short videos in English. Watch videos that interest you, especially videos in which people share their opinions. While you watch, write down vocabulary that is new to you and pay attention to the way the ideas are organized and the message is conveyed. If you are not sure where to find videos, watching TED Talks can be a great place to start. While the videos are not representative of tasks on the MET Speaking Section, they do provide examples of how to organize ideas and deliver a message when expressing an opinion.

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