Teachers and students across Mexico are successfully taking Michigan Language Assessment exams to prove their English as part of the Programa Nacional de Inglés (PRONI). PRONI aims to strengthen English language education in state schools, supported by international certification for teachers and students.

Karen Golnick, academic director of Glace Language Center in San Luis Potosi, uses Michigan Young Learners English (MYLE) tests for schoolchildren and the Michigan English Test (MET) for teachers. These tests meet the PRONI requirements by offering internationally respected certificates that are recognized as part of the Certificación Nacional de Nivel de Idioma (CENNI).

Working with Michigan Language Assessment has been a positive experience for Glace and its learners. In the past, English certification in Mexico was mainly offered in the private education sector, but that is beginning to change thanks to PRONI and highly reliable and valid language assessments like MYLE and MET.

“More and more public schools are taking the initiative to certify their students,” Ms. Golnick said. “Teachers and parents want their students and children to be more competitive, and they are taking English more seriously, too.”

While schoolchildren use the MYLE, teachers enjoy working with the MET. Ms. Golnick says that teachers find the MET format easy to understand.

“They like the fact that results arrive in a very short amount of time, and certificates are awarded.”

José Alfonso González Macías, local PRONI coordinator, is pleased with Glace’s results.

“They have provided an excellent service, as their directors have understood our needs in order to complete everything on time and in line with our goals.”

Michigan Language Assessment is proud that its suite of exams—backed by the University of Michigan and Cambridge Assessment English—is playing an important role in English language learning journeys in Mexico. Through Glace and other test centers, Michigan Language Assessment is continuing its mission to provide tests that give everyone, at any age, the opportunity to prove their language ability.

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