MET Go! for Teachers – Go!

Are you and your students ready for MET Go!?

Test-Taking Tips and Helpful Reminders

Pacing and Timing

  • Each of the three main sections is 30 minutes long. Once the time is up for each section, students cannot go back to the previous sub-test. Listening test audio prompts are always played twice. The optional speaking test takes no more than 10 minutes; each response is limited to between 1 and 1 ½ minutes.
  • Students will need to pace themselves on the reading and writing sections. Proctors/examiners will write the remaining time for each section of the test in a visible place in the room; make sure students understand they need to watch the time.
  • Reading: There are two parts; plan for approximately 10 minutes for part 1, and 20 minutes for part 2. Part 2 includes 4 texts, so students should pace themselves accordingly. They may complete the 4 reading passages in any order and come back to their previous answers as long as the 30-minute time limit is not expired.
  • Writing: The three tasks are weighted approximately equally, so students should pace themselves accordingly and avoid spending too much time on any one task. They should be encouraged to complete the three tasks in the order presented in the test booklet.

Tips for multiple-choice items

Choice items on MET Go! always have three possible answers. Coach students on eliminating any obviously wrong answers, and using context to guess if they are not sure of the correct answer. Remind students that there is no penalty for guessing, so they should never leave a question blank.

Use prior knowledge for writing and speaking

If students have special interests or knowledge of certain topics, they should be encouraged to draw on this knowledge in constructing their writing and speaking responses, as long as they answer the questions.

No pass or fail

Remind students that there is no pass or fail; they will all receive a certificate with personalized feedback once they complete the test.

Speaking warm-up

If students are taking the optional speaking test, be sure they take the time during the warm-up to relax and get comfortable speaking English with the examiner.

Last-minute review

If students feel they need a last-minute review to help them feel more confident before the test: suggest a short vocabulary review session using a picture dictionary or online resource with labeled illustrations.

Final Reminders

  • Bring a #2 pencil
  • Eat and sleep well before the test