MET Go! for Teachers – Ready.

Get Ready!
What is the MET Go! and who should take it?

The MET Go! is a new, secure, multilevel test designed in full color for learners ages 11–15 at the early beginning to high intermediate levels of English proficiency (CEFR levels A1–B1).

MET Go! is unique in the world of language teaching and testing:

  • Full-color illustrations and contemporary topics activate students’ imaginations
  • Listening test features teen voices students will relate to
  • Focuses on contemporary American English
  • Accessible to young adolescents at emerging to intermediate language levels

MET Go! is also highly motivating as a teaching tool:

  • Appropriate for mixed levels of students, with no pass score
  • All candidates receive a certificate of achievement
  • All candidates receive personalized feedback and recommendations based on their sub-scores
  • Provides a pathway to the MET as students progress in their language learning

What skills are tested?

The MET Go! includes subtests for listening, reading, and writing, with an optional speaking test.

How long is it?

The test takes 90 minutes, plus 10 minutes for the speaking test.

Where can I learn more about MET Go!?

  • For general information and a brief introduction to MET Go! and Michigan Language Assessment, an information booklet is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.
  • For a detailed description of the test, including test structure, tasks types, sample items, and rating criteria, see the presentation below.

MET Go! – An Introduction