MET Go! for Teachers – Practice Activities

Get set for MET Go!

Practice Activities

Preparing Students for the Test

Practice activities, grouped by subtest skill, include:

  • Printable student activity sheets
  • Accompanying teacher’s notes, with detailed guidelines for using the materials and suggested vocabulary lists for each task
  • For some sets, multiple versions of the same activity are provided, based on different themes, illustrations, or vocabulary; in this case, the same set of teacher notes is used for all versions.

Activities by Skill


Listening Practice Activities

Listening to Short Dialogues

Activity Sheet

Teacher Notes


Writing Practice Activities

Write a Story

Activity Sheet

Teacher Notes


Reading Practice Activities

Reading for Details

  • This content will be available soon.

Notes and suggestions for using these materials

Vocabulary practice

Students at lower proficiency levels (A1 or below) need extensive practice with vocabulary. Strategies and preparation activities for all four skills of the test are designed to help students expand, review, and reinforce their vocabulary, regardless of the specific task.

Adapting materials for multiple proficiency levels

The first steps of each activity are most suitable for lower level students (pre-A1/A1). For intermediate students, the beginning steps can serve as a quick review or warm-up; for advanced students (A2+/B1), teachers may want to move quickly into the later steps if vocabulary and basic sentence structure reviews are not necessary.

Teaching sequence

The teaching sequence may be adapted to suit the teacher’s preference or existing curriculum. Timelines or suggested lesson plans are not included, as this will depend on the particular needs of each class and the existing curriculum materials. The preparation materials could serve as a brief review in preparation for the test, or could be integrated into the existing curriculum as supplementary classroom materials.

Using color illustrations in the classroom

Activity sheets include color illustrations on a separate page whenever possible. For most activities, it is suggested that teachers print student copies of the exercise pages only, and use a projector, individual computer screen, or master printed copy for the color illustrations.

Note on the sequence practice activities and sample test

All practice activities currently available are based on the publicly available sample test. Teachers must decide whether to give students the sample test first, or go over all the practice activities before having students take the sample test.

In 2019, an official MET Go! practice test book will be published and available for purchase. Watch this page for updates and ordering information, expected by early summer 2019.